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BattleAxe RPG

Epic Fantasy Roleplaying

Set in the war-ravaged world of Mordredica, ancient battlefield of the Gods and prison of the Forty Sorcerers, Battleaxe RPG places the players in the roles of heroes exploring a deep fantasy world steeped in mystery and lore. The Reforged Edition includes the Creeping Dead sourcebook so that your hero can fight the undead or join their ranks and devour the living.

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The Hunt

In Beta

Four friends search a vast wilderness for the fabled White Stag. Wracked by hunger, lost, and beset with bitter cold. Will these four companions discover the Stag, or will they succumb to the trials of The Hunt?

The Hunt is an easy to learn card game in which 3-5 players compete to earn Stag Trophies in their hunt for the White Stag.

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One Thousand

Battle Card Game

Go head-to-head or play as teams and be the first to inflict 1,000 casualties and emerge victorious! Use your battle cards to launch artillery strikes and unleash deadly gas attacks. Use aerial recon to scout your enemy and counterintelligence to thwart their offensive. Muster your troops and mount your attacks in a race to inflict the most damage!

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Other Works


The Card Game of Capture and Control

You are the ruler of a fledgling kingdom in the land of Vye. Around you are untamed lands ripe for the taking. But you are not alone! You must carefully protect your borders even as you race to expand them. Will you control the largest kingdom? Or will you see your power splintered? Plan your moves well – it will take strategy and a little luck to win the battle for Vye!

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